‘Drunk Girl’ video is the latest in this stupid video phenomenon we’re doing

The Smoking GunThe viral video claiming to show a series of men plotting to take advantage of a drunk Los Angeles woman was staged by the clip’s creators, who fed lines to the purported predators, dupes who thought they were appearing in a student film, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The video, “Drunk Girl In Public,” is described as a “social experiment” by creator Stephen Zhang, 20, who apparently sought to ride the coattails of the 35 milllion-view Hollaback! video showing a woman being peppered with catcalls as she walked across New York City.

Zhang’s video, shot on Hollywood Boulevard, has been viewed nearly 4.5 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube on November 8.



I’m so sick of these things. This whole phenomenon just pisses me off.

This act of videotaping people without their knowledge, editing the footage, then posting the edited footage and planting it in whatever context the producer wants is so fucked. Anyone could push any agenda with that formula.

On top of that, this video’s idea of faking the harassment and the men taking advantage of a fake drunk girl is even worse. You’re then luring in the people that are going to comment that these men need to be reprimanded for their actions, making them public targets and inciting all kinds of hate and negativity so you can get a couple million YouTube hits. It’s pathetic.

I watched it and I’m pissed that I did. I feel stupid. I feel part of the problem. I feel like I just gave this loser producer a part of my soul and he will never give it back.

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