The drone that landed on the White House lawn was flown by a drunk government intelligence employee trying to impress a chick

CNN — A man — a government intelligence agency employee, no less — took to the top of his G Street building late at night to show off his drone to a female companion. He had been drinking. It crashed. On the White House grounds.

At least that’s the story that’s emerged from the latest details revealed by law enforcement regarding the incident that occurred on Monday.


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Classic. Can’t believe I didn’t call this when I first heard the story. A small drone lands on the White House lawn? Completely non-threatening? It’s obviously a drunk guy trying to impress a chick. Obviously. Why else would you have a drone? Why else would you be flying it around DC late at night? You’re drunk trying to impress a chick.

Tough day for this guy. When you work in government intelligence and you drunkenly force the White House into lockdown, that’s not good. Ever watch The West Wing? Presidents hate lockdowns.

The Secret Service locked down the White House shortly after 3 a.m. after an officer on the south grounds spotted the drone flying at a very low altitude.

See ya, buddy. You’re fired. Time for the private sector.

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