Don’t Panic Now But American Airlines Sent An Uncertified Plane From LA to Hawaii

It’s cool, aviation hasn’t had any bad press or accidents or giant planes go randomly missing in recent years so no need to panic.


From CNNAmerican Airlines confirms to CNN that it accidentally put an Airbus A321S aircraft — that was not certified to fly over the Pacific — on a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

American spokesman Casey Norton said “someone on the ground” realized the mix-up sometime after AA Flight 31 had departed LAX on August 31st, filled with passengers and crew. American Airlines declined to identify who first noticed the mistake.

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I’m not an aviation expert, like this CNN guy.


But I’m pretty sure that loading an uncertified plane with passengers and a crew and then sending it on a 6-hour flight across the Pacific Ocean is not a great idea right now. Since last year, I’ve held the belief that if an airplane says “Malaysia” or even just “Asia” on it anywhere, don’t fly on it. But now I might have to broaden my cautiousness.

I panic when my seat-back button doesn’t work. Call the flight attendant over, maybe bring the FAA onboard. So this plane didn’t have the required equipment to fly long-distance over the ocean but we filled it up and sent it across the Pacific for the duration of 2 NFL games? No thanks. If I would have discovered this information mid-flight there’s no doubt I would approach the exit row, turn that weird handle that no one could ever actually figure out in an emergency, and hop right out. At least then I’m in control.

There can’t be anything worse than sitting in your airplane seat while your plane’s going down just like, Welp, I guess I’m going to just sit here facing forward going really really fast towards a huge explosion with my seatbelt on. Because at least when your seat gets blown 2 miles from the impact you’ll still be firmly attached to it.


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