Don’t panic: After contracting Ebola in West Africa, Doctor dies in Omaha

BBCA surgeon from Sierra Leone who was being treated for Ebola in the US has died, a Nebraska hospital announced.

Martin Salia, who has US residency and is married to an American, arrived for treatment in the state on Saturday, in a critical condition.

And on Monday morning the hospital said the 44-year-old had died.



Extremely sad. RIP Dr. Salia. Much kudos to you for throwing yourself in harm’s way and courageously volunteering to treat those with the deadly virus; people like you will be missed.

Now, before you (reader) panic, remember this: no one that has contracted Ebola inside the U.S. has died. There have been 2 Ebola deaths in America; both individuals contracted the virus in West Africa and came or were brought to the U.S. for treatment.

The media will continue to drive the Ebola fear because it makes people pay attention to journalistic sources (new channels, news sites). But the hard truth is that Ebola is a non-factor for you and me. Its real danger to Americans is negligible/non existent.

So yes, another human being died inside the United States from Ebola. That is awful and Ebola and what it is doing to West Africa (Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia in particular) is terrible. But what is happening there does not translate in anyway to what is or what will happen in the United States. Anyone that has contracted the virus here has contracted it from directly working with/treating those already infected with the virus. And those people infected here have successfully been treated and defeated Ebola.

So there is no reason for us to fear this disease. Take it away, Shep:


Sources: BBC; Cover Photo

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