Ebolapdate: Did the Dallas Ebola patient know he had Ebola?

On Tuesday afternoon we learned that the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. had been confirmed in Dallas, Texas. That case is a Liberian man who flew over from Liberia on September 19th.

All indications are that this man knew that he had Ebola and could have fled to knowingly get help in the U.S. None of this is confirmed, it’s just what Wolf and folks are talking about on CNN. Whatever his intentions, it appears he was in contact with a pregnant woman in Liberia who had Ebola. She has since died.

Now he has Ebola.

The patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, is making his first visit to the United States. He was staying in an apartment in Dallas with a female “partner” and a handful of children that lived with the woman (presumably her children).


Thomas Eric Duncan, of Liberia


The greatest fear now is that Duncan was in Dallas, and in multiple airports on his way to Dallas, for a couple weeks before anyone knew he had Ebola. His “partner” is reporting that Duncan was sweating heavily in his sheets at night with a fever; those sheets remain on the bed as that woman and her children are quarantined in that apartment.

Source: CNN

There is much controversy brewing over the CDC’s handling of the apartment and those inside the apartment. The “partner” who lives in the apartment, Louise, claims the towels, sheets, and more remain in the apartment and that she has been given virtually no information on what to do with those and other crucial elements to this situation. Louise is interviewing with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to be aired tonight.

The schools of which these children attend are now in full panic mode to determine if anyone at those facilities has now contracted the virus.

Right now, we only know that Duncan himself has the Ebola virus. I will remind you that the Ebola virus is not an airborne virus (it cannot be transmitted through the air, through touching, germs, cooties and stuff), but rather is transmitted through bodily fluids like sweat, blood, urine, vomit.

The greatest concern is that the Ebola virus often does not show in the form of symptoms for several days or even weeks. So, if Duncan came in contact with hundreds, it is very realistic that he could have transmitted the virus to one or several other people and no one would know for several weeks.

For the record, Duncan’s half-brother just interviewed on CNN and he seems like a good, honest, valued man who had nothing but positive things to say about Thomas. So, it’s entire likely that Thomas Eric Duncan acquired the Ebola virus and traveled to the U.S. without knowing it.

Only time shall tell, my friends. Only time shall tell.

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