Dad mows son’s games over to force him to get a job

Decent chance this is fake. Like 49% chance this is fake.

Don’t care. Harry Potter was fake.. I still cried at the end of Half-Blood Prince.  I’ve seen lots of cleavage that is fake.. I still like those.

This is a great metaphor for the battle of the baby boomer generation versus the millennials. We are just ruthlessly tied to meaningless shit that is entertaining, while the baby boomers are viciously tied to getting real things done. A true clash of the titans.

I can relate to both here, but at the end of the day you have to respect this dad’s commitment. He’s not throwing the games away while this nerd is sleeping or sneakily scratching up the discs so they won’t work anymore. Nope. No subtly. No covertness.

Instead he drives his overly sized lawnmower for such a small yard over an absurd pile of video games. Love it.

Dad 1, son 0.

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