Coolest weapons of all-time, starting with The Apache Revolver

Would you take a look at this bad boy. Let’s talk convenience. Let’s look at the set-up of the Apache Revolver. Unreal name for the weapon too.

“The Apache operates on the principle of a pepperbox revolver using a pinfire action and incorporates a fold-over knuckle duster forming the grip and also a rudimentary foldout, dual-edged knife…Due to the lack of a barrel, the revolver’s effective range is very limited, but since all of its component parts can be folded inward towards the cylinder, it was easily concealable inside a pocket.”  

Source: Wikipedia

The Apache Revolver prompted some severe intrigue and, in turn, some serious internet perusing for other interesting weapons. Here are some of the best ones I stumbled upon:  


Poison Umbrella


“Here’s one that was actually used to full effect, killing a high-value enemy target. In 1978, the Bulgarian Secret Service had a problem with dissident journalist Georgi Markov. Unfortunately, they couldn’t just shoot him without risking a public revolt. So with the help of the KGB, the agency developed an umbrella with a tiny gun that shot a miniature metal pellet filled with the deadly toxin ricin. Markov felt what he thought was a bee sting on his leg, and died three days later.”  


Talk about needing pin-point accuracy. Whoever sniped Markov deserves some recognition here.     


Exploding Rats

  “During World War II, British intelligence was at its peak, paid to come up with hundreds of ways to thwart the Nazi advance. Some of them were pretty brilliant, and some of them were just insane. Case in point: exploding rats. The idea was first floated in 1941, as the Allies needed some way to get explosives into German boilers to disable factories. Their solution was to take rat skins and stuff them with plastic explosives, then mix the corpses into the coal supply. When the rat bombs hit the fire, kaboom! Unfortunately, the first shipment of the rats was seized by the Germans and the plot was foiled.”


I guess this is considered a weapon? Regardless, the creativity factor was getting it on this list. No question. 


Sedgley Glove Pistol
“Issued by the Navy to intelligence operatives during World War II, the Sedgley OSS .38 was designed for close combat. A heavy glove with a single-shot revolver built into the palm, the Sedgley was activated by a plunger in the fist. When you punched somebody with it, the shot would go off, making you look like you just killed a dude by hitting him. Pretty badass. Unfortunately, they weren’t terribly practical in combat and few were ever fired during the course of the war.”
This one is a little less subtle, what with the black gun Elmer glued onto the outside of the yellow glove. Love the ‘they weren’t terribly practical in combat’ line. Yeah, I mean you had to physically punch someone in order for it to shoot. Looking like you killed a guy with a punch is bad-ass though. True. True.
The Sword Breaker

      Sword Breaker    

“A weapon of the Middle Ages, the sword breaker was a long sturdy dagger with notches cut on one side of the blade. During battle a knight would catch his opponent’s sword in one of the notches and with a quick twist would break the blade.”   


Dirty idea.   


The Pukelight

“The Puke light was actually invented by Homeland Security as a non-lethal weapon. It is an LED flashlight that causes uncontrollable vomiting. The flash puts on a light show that is intended to induce psychophysical symptoms that include vomiting and vertigo.”

Source: Bizarreweapons.blogspot

Well that one’s just pretty hilarious if you think about it in action. Lastly, I couldn’t not end a post about weapons with the funniest weapon-related thing you will ever see in your life.

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