CNN’s GOP Presidential Debate Stage Is Badass

Obsessed with this stage. Air Force One in the background? Are you kidding me? Talk about making sure the candidates know what they’re fighting for.




That’s like in the World Series Of Poker when they toss millions of dollars of cash on the table or when you tee off trying to win a golf tournament and the trophy’s staring you in the face on the first tee.



Because let’s be honest, the only reason anyone really wants to be President is for Air Force One. You don’t actually want the job. Being President is awful: you never sleep, you’re responsible for everything, every other country wants to kill you, everything you say is under a microscope. It’s awful. The only reason anyone wants to do it is to fly around in the world’s most awesome machine with the potential for having a Harrison Ford “GET OFF MY PLANE!” moment.


And what has CNN done? Captured that fact perfectly. You want to debate about issues in hopes of being President? Well you’re going to have to debate with the Presidency’s ultimate prize staring at you. Good luck.


PS – Saw ‘Air Force One’ in the theatre when it came out and the whole theatre stood up and gave Harrison a standing ovation after that line. Had tears in my eyes.

PPS – I don’t know why I spelled “theatre” like that. I guess I just feel a bit more sophisticated, like when the British say “bloody” instead of “very.”

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