Chinese dude’s iPhone proposal fails miserably

Sad news out of China. A man decided that the way to win over his gal was through 99 iPhone 6’s arranged in a heart. This dude spent 500,000 yuan, the Chinese version of money, on brand new iPhones.  After some research I’ve learned that equates to $81,618.05. For that kind of coin you’d think he’s got this thing locked. Nope. In the middle of his 99 iPhones, and in front of all of his friends and colleagues, he was shut down.

chinese proposal

Any marriage proposal that goes south is sad for everyone. We’ve seen them on jumbotrons. We’ve seen them on the internet. No doubt, biggest bummer in a guy’s life. If I’m the John Madden of proposal play calls, I’m not liking this one from the start. $80k on iPhones? Bro, ever heard of diamonds? I guess this is China, where tech trumps jewels. But still.

chinese proposal 2

I’m genuinely sad for this guy, not because his proposal went down like the Hindenburg 2.0, but because he obviously had no wing men around to say, “This idea is horrible.” Good news is that he has 99 brand new iPhones to keep him warm at night. Better news is they should be on eBay soon and I’m going to try to get my paws on one or ten.


It’s alright Chinese dude, can’t fail worse than Sweet Caroline food court guy.


Then there’s basketball game guy. Love the commentators in this video. Pure gold.

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PS – What if she said yes? What are you going to do with 99 iPhones? Decorate your house with them? This story leaves me with way more questions than answers.

PPS – Something’s telling me the iPhone heart made her think he’s clinically insane. But who knows in China.

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