Chelsea Handler making BOLD (topless) statement on Instagram

Last night, Chelsea Handler posted an aggressive picture to her Instagram. It was a side-by-side of Vladimir Putin shirtless on a horse and her shirtless on a horse. It looked like this.


Predictably, Instagram removed the photo shortly after the published it. Handler then threw it back up and Tweeted this.

And this.

Instagram then responded with this.


This one’s tricky. I mean, if we’re being honest, I’m a heterosexual guy that likes stereotypical things that heterosexual guys like (ie: breasts). So, I’m predictably with Chelsea here.

In all seriousness, she has a fantastic point. Who is Instagram or any other social media sharing site to say that we can share pictures of Putin (or other males) topless but cannot share pictures of females shirtless?

As if I wasn’t already, Chelsea Handler has officially made me pro-shirtless for ALL. It’s just sexist to say males can do it but females can’t. And sexism sucks.


Cover Photo; Mashable

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