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Iran Directs Warship Weapon At U.S. Chopper

Seriously, fuck Iran. I hate these assholes. For years we’re tip-toeing around negotiating a nuclear deal with these clowns and they, in the meantime, are chanting “death to America” and posting ridiculous tweets at Barry. And...

Nepal Quake Kills Thousands

Hello friends. I apologize for my absence — my brother is getting married and, of course, I had to escort him to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, it was fun. But we’re back. We’re back on the grid. There’s real life stuff going on and...

NATO Intercepts Russian Warplanes Because Putin

Putin just won’t quit. Guy has been going full HAM for over a year now. A year ago, he invaded Ukraine immediately after the Olympics and the whole world left Russia. Last week, he put Russia’s northern fleet on “full combat...

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