Bulls’ Derrick Rose Fractures Face, Needs Surgery

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Yes, it’s true. Chicago Bulls forward Derrick Rose is injured once again. This time, he was elbowed in the face and fractured his face. He will need surgery and the timetable for return is still unknown.

Rose has, since joining the league, missed a million games.

Well, not a million, but you get the point (there are only 82 games in a season):

There does appear to be a slight bit of optimism.

Missing “a couple of weeks” obviously isn’t that big of a deal. But that’s not the main story here. The main story is that Rose is clearly a bandaid and gets hurt. A lot. Like all the time. Like every season. For long periods of time.

Sure, he may only be out a few weeks with this one. But what about the next one? For how long will he be out with his next injury? The guys has only played in 100 games since 2011. Since 2012 he’s missed 208 games.

So this is not good for the Bulls. Not good at all. Rose is spectacular to watch, so hopefully he remains healthy after his face heals. But that seems unlikely, as he and Tiger Woods appear to perhaps be sharing the same body.  


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