Budweiser Totes Gets Me With These Statue of Liberty Bottles


It is no secret that Anheuser-Busch knows how to market to Americans. Introducing the 2015 Statue of Liberty beer bottles.

Yes, please.

When I enter a bar there are three ways to get me to order your beer.

1) Pay an attractive female to ask me to get her one.

2) Put something cool on the beer tap (like Goose Island).


3) Make it American.

Clearly, Anheuser-Busch knocks “make it American” out of the park. I see this Statue of Liberty red, white, and blue bottle and I instantly forget AB is now Belgian-owned. InBev who? AB in the house. Most American company in the world.

I’ll take infinity Budweisers, please and thank you. Here are some other American Budweisers over the years.





PS – Speaking of Budweiser and the Statue of Liberty/New York City, I’ll never not love this commercial. Sorry haters.


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