B’s edge Habs, tie the best series of the year

Series had hype. Series is delivering. First, here are the highlights because The Design Team taught me to be an internet ninja and I can just embed cool things left and right.


Shots: 35 Boston, 33 Montreal

Power Plays: 0 for 2 Boston, 0 for 1 Montreal

Goals: 1 Boston, 0 Montreal; Matt Fraser was called up from the minors yesterday and scored his first NHL goal 1:19 into overtime last night. He’s the 6th player in the last 75 years to score his first NHL goal as a playoff overtime goal.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens - Game Four

The Take

Absolute classic. Every great series has one of these games: a zero-zero barn burner. Barely any penalties. Barely any goals. About 10 shots a period for both squads. Goaltenders tend some great goal. Classic.

Best of 3 now heading back to Boston. Good for Boston. Good for hockey. Good for America. Good for humanity. Good for my roommate Ryan who bleeds Bruins hockey and got a promotion yesterday. Good, good, good.



hat tip to Barstool Nate for the vine (barstoolsports.com)


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