Brussels Schools, Subways Reopen After 4 Days of Eerie Lockdown

BBCSchools and many metro stations in Brussels have reopened after being shut four days ago in a security crackdown following the Paris attacks.

But the Belgian capital remains on the highest alert, with hundreds of armed police and soldiers on patrol.

Authorities fear the possibility of Paris-style attacks, as several of the attackers were based in Brussels.

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A small dose of good news out of Europe. A nice sigh of relief. We were all thinking, “Oh shit, if Brussels goes on lockdown and the whole world is watching and THEN something happens, we’re all fucked.” But it didn’t. Brussels sniffed out an imminent threat and, up to now, successfully kept it from happening. Good stuff.

Brussels is the unofficial capital of the European Union, so the threat here was very symbolic. There’s still no sign of the at large terrorist from the Paris attacks, but at this point, no new attacks is good news. We’ll take it. I’m not sure the world could handle another major attack in another major city right now.

Some of the pictures out of Brussels over the last 4 days are pretty eye-opening. Belgian soldiers patrolling the shit out of one of Europe’s most historic and influential cities. Imagery reflecting the seriousness of the situation that ISIS has created not just in the middle east, but everywhere.


Here’s a closer look at the scene. Like I said, eerie.

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