The Brookedown: Day 2

Brooke Baldwin

Interesting week for Brooke. She’s on CNN New Day from 6-9aET instead of her usual 2-4pET CNN Newsroom slot, so I have to get up and prepare pretty early. It’s a lighter, more fun environment, so I don’t mind it. We get to see Brooke’s playful side; it’s a great side.

What is The Brookedown?

For example, she threw this on the Vine this morning.

As we know, Brooke has fabulous anchor swag. Today is no different. Let’s take a peak at her casually explaining a few things to her friendly coworkers.

Brookedown, June 10th

Brookedown, June 10th




Good, solid showing from Brooke today. Playful, intelligent, informative, salmon: win, win, win, win.

See you tomorrow, dear. Have a good day.


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