Mayor Marty Walsh considering dumping snow into Boston Harbor

The struggle is real. In an interview Monday afternoon, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said our ridiculous snow totals may end up in the Boston Harbor. From the Boston Globe:

“We’re going to explore the opportunity of putting this snow in the ocean,” Walsh said. “We’re looking at that now because of the amount of snow we have.”

Boston is already a congested city. Very congested. In a July 2014 article, Auto Blog listed Boston as the 9th most congested city in America. We were built on cow paths and, well, cattle doesn’t travel the same way SUVs and city buses do. Not even close. Subsequently, we’ve got tight one-way roads, 6-way intersections and the like everywhere. It’s a disaster.

Now, insert 50+ inches of snow in 14 days. It’s a scene. Snow plows are coming through, plowing snow into massive snow banks, and said snow is just tumbling back down into the streets. The banks are too steep. There’s nowhere else to put the snow.

Here’s a snow farm. They literally just dump snow here and then pack it and try to make it disappear.


CBS Boston

Insert Boston Harbor. Dumping things in there always turns out well. Last time we decided to dump a bunch of stuff in there America broke out. Maybe if we dump a billion gallons of snow in there it’ll turn to diamonds and we’ll all be filthy rich creating a new United States. Love it. Pull the trigger, Marty. Let’s do this.

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PS – Downtown looks good. Not.

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