Beat the Monday Blues: Awesome Animal Mondays!

Feeling down on Monday? Welp, we’ll get you over those Monday blues with 9 pictures of awesome animals just hanging out. You can’t not be happy looking at pictures of animals; it’s just science.


1. Hilarious tickled monkey.

Funny Baby Monkey


 2. Awwwwww.



These guys are just a pair of antlers away from being our logo.


(Via: The Design Team)


(Via: Not sure)

 4. “Come at me, bro.” 

(Via: Wild Nature Images)

 5. This thing is just beautiful.


 6. “And then I was like, ‘NOT!'”


7. Yes, that’s a Panda chilling extremely hard on a yellow rocking horse.


8. #ballin


9. “Is our waiter still alive back there?”


(Via: National Geographic); Cover Photo Credit



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