Barry Makes Historic Presidential Visit To Cuba As U.S.-Cuba Relations Continue To Open Up

CNN – A day after making an historic arrival in Cuba, President Barack Obama was set Monday to meet with the leader of the authoritarian regime here as part of his efforts to elicit change on the island.

Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro will shake hands at the Palace of the Revolution in Old Havana, the third time the pair have met for bilateral talks since the resumption of diplomatic relations in 2014. It was unclear whether the leaders would take questions from the press.

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So the Obamas are in Cuba. Barry’s the first U.S. president to go there since Calvin Coolidge floated into Havana Harbor on a battleship in 1928. Not a math guy but think that’s 88 years.

Not 100% sold on the Cuba thing. On one hand, it seems natural. Cuba is right there and we go to the Bahamas, Aruba and have made Peurto Rico ours, so of course we should be friends with Cuba.

But on the other hand, those bastards were pointing Russian nukes at us in the 60s. Nukes. I wasn’t there, for I was -25 years old, but nukes are no joke. Nukes and corrupt dictatorships are not our thing. In fact we fought several wars on several fronts in the middle part of the century against the very thing. It was called communism and we don’t like it one bit.

I get that Cuba’s beautiful and people like to visit beautiful island places. But how many do you need? The Caribbean/Bahamas not enough for you? Are you really going to be that starved without Cuba?

I say we continue to take their baseball players, cigars and people that can cling to something and float 90 miles north. Everything else we just leave the same.


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