Apple Is Building A Gigantic “Spaceship Campus” Headquarters

Verge — Apple’s new headquarters has been in the works for close to a decade, and in recent months it’s finally been starting to come together. It’s an enormous project, and you can really get a sense for just how huge it is thanks to new drone footage published to YouTube yesterday by Duncan Sinfield.

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Makes sense. Of course Apple is building a gigantic spaceship campus for Apple HQ. Look, if you’re the world’s biggest company you don’t just build a skyscraper downtown like everybody else. That’s what the plebs do. Apple is no place for plebs.

Instead, you spend a decade piecing together a massive “campus.” Because when your office is referred to as a campus, you’ve made it.

And just building it isn’t enough. No, you’ve got to broadcast it. You’ve got to hype it like it’s the next Star Wars. If you don’t fly cool drones around something then post the footage, it doesn’t exist.

You’re Apple for a reason. Billions in profits don’t rake themselves in by accident. Touché, Apple. I like your spaceship and shall continue to invest in your stock.


PS – What are the odds this thing is being built to lift off and just rocket into space one day? 1 to 1? Like the aliens from Independence Day show up and the entire Apple company just jettisons into space.

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