Annnd Johnny Football is in rehab

Welp, that didn’t take long. Less than a year after being drafted, Johnny Manziel has entered rehab.

Interesting. Not shocking, but interesting. Here are a few statements from the family/reps.

Isn’t Johnny Football too young for rehab? I mean, you don’t go to rehab after 9 months in the NFL. You’re not a rockstar. You’re not a depressed movie star. You’re a freshman NFL quarterback who really likes to party. It’s not that difficult, dude — just stop partying. You’re drinking a lot and probably doing some blow. So just tone it down a bit.

This, in my humble and honest opinion, is a face-saving move. He doesn’t actually need rehab, he just needs his team, his coaches and his fans to believe that he’s admitting that he has “a problem” (aka really, really likes to party) and is “seeking help.”

Look at Gronk, for example. Gronk parties his face off. All the time. Everyone knows it. But that’s his schtick and he still crushes it. Yes, Gronk is an awesome NFL player and Manziel sucks, so there’s a difference there.


But that’s my entire point. Their partying is the same, so Manziel doesn’t “need” rehab just like Gronk doesn’t need rehab. Manziel just needs to tone it down during the season and he needs to not suck.

That’s not rehab, bro. That’s practice and exercising a little discipline. That’s it. You got this.

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