AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd hired a hit man to kill 2 humans

Update, 11/7/14, 11:45 AM — Charged have been dropped due to lack of evidence.

CNN — Phil Rudd, the drummer for legendary hard rock band AC/DC, has been charged with attempting to have two men killed.

The 60-year-old appeared in a New Zealand court Thursday afternoon facing a count of attempting to procure the murder of two men, said Bay of Plenty Police District representative Kim Perks.

He was also charged with threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis, Perks said.


Yo AC/DC heard you’re down a drummer…. Over here! Over here! No joke I own a 90%+ average on expert drumming on Rock Band 2 and I know the beat to at least 30% of your jams. I’m a lock. I can slip right in, learn the rest as we go. Full time gig. I’m in.

Seriously, what is with people trying to murder people? It’s just so final. It’s so permanent. It’s so illegal. If you try to steal all of someone’s money or try to ruin their company or something, that’s one thing. But when you legit try to kill people you’re just ending your own life. You will get caught. Whether you succeed of you fail, you will get caught and you will end up in jail (or end up dead) and then those other people being alive or being dead won’t matter to you. They won’t exist to you because you won’t exist to them because your life is over.

Figure it out, people. Murder isn’t cool. It’s permanent and it’s illegal and it’s immoral and you shouldn’t do it. Hope ISIS is listening. Stop murdering people. It sucks. Murder sucks.

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PS – Phil Rudd is not to be confused with Paul Rudd, who is a non-murderous Hollywood actor famous for being funny and kinda average seeming.

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