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Monday, March 31st 2014, we launch. What does this mean? I don’t know, but NASA does it and it’s sick — so we’re doing it.


For the past two months, we have been working to build the structural foundation, the aesthetic appearance, and the complete functionality of the website. Although content will be our main focus, we need an aesthetically and functionally appealing platform with which to present our content. We are entering a crowded market space in which consumers can choose from thousands of different sources to get their information — so, we must enter with a badass website.

Over the past eight weeks, we have tweaked, tried, altered, altered back, praised, cursed, loved and hated hundreds of both minor and major aspects of the website. Three weeks in, we stumbled upon a theme that we loved (our current theme) and chose to abandon our previous efforts. This was difficult — like dumping a great girl for the right girl. However, we started over and, ultimately, built a product which we are confident will provide a very enjoyable and very efficient user experience for you.

*Every time I just said we, I basically meant Hannah Cochran Design.


We live in the heart of the Information Age: twenty-four hour news cycles, cable news, Twitter, Facebook. There are many thousands of mediums from which we consume our information. Most of us scoop from multiple jars. We get our sports from one website, our current events from another, our viral must-see action from another. Sometimes we simply scroll through Facebook and trust that our friends will share or comment about the things that we really need to see. They do share and comment; sometimes to our pleasure, other times to our second-hand embarrassment. But this is how we consume our news. And it continues to evolve, as will we.

Today, virtually everyone reports about mostly the same stories at mostly the same time. It’s not necessarily about getting there first; it’s about getting there in a unique way that resonates with the reader. Our mission is to scour the interwebs, the social media platforms, the television machine for anything that’s important, anything that’s entertaining, anything that we can turn into something that you’ll want to know, or want to see, or laugh at. We grab, and we post, and we offer our commentary.

Our goal is to produce a comprehensive arsenal of content that informs, entertains, and connects with our audience.


We gather our content in a meticulous manner, relying on a high emotional intelligence and an acute understanding of the social web to determine what type of content you want to consume. We have no secret formula to determine the most popular topics. Even if we did, we would need a secret mathematician to exercise such formula, for I haven’t been able to do long division since about the same time MySpace was the leading social network.

We determine our content with a very organic sense of interest. So, if you have something you’d like to see on the site, or an issue — any issue — you’d like our opinion on, please let us know.


Ultimately, our focus is content. We want to fill our site with fresh, interesting, entertaining, informative and somewhat intelligent content that keeps our readers engaged. To this point, much of our content has been produced simply to allow us to understand and ultimately manipulate the presentation and functionality of the website. If you’ve been on the site recently, you have noticed that the content has not been particularly fresh. We all like fresh. Fresh is good. Trust me, it will be fresh. Now that we’ve sufficiently crafted the details of our website, we are launching.

This means we will be constantly producing content. And we will be everywhere. And you will like it.


Today’s version of the website will, hopefully, be significantly different than tomorrow’s, or Monday’s, or next month’s, or next year’s. We are starting with an idea and a belief — an idea that someone can create a brand that offers a more refined, a more real, and a more entertaining presentation of information than what is currently available, and a belief that we can do it. Some of what we do will succeed, some of it will fail. Insert inspirational quote here about success and failure and falling and getting back up and mountains. The point is this: not everything we do will tear through the internet the way we perhaps thought it would. This is okay — it’s a process, it’s an evolution, and we are prepared for it.

Since our pre-launch (again: NASA does it) last week, we have conceived new categories, new ideas, and taken notice of necessary changes which we have and will continue to implement over the weekend.


As of the writing of this extremely well-crafted note, our website — prior to launching — has welcomed over 1,000 unique visitors and over 25,000 total page views. We have received much-appreciated support and important, constructive feedback from many. We thank you, and ask that you continue to offer both.

 With love and unintended but kind of intended facetiousness,



March 28th, 2014

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