94-Year-Old Man Graduating From West Virginia 75 Years After Enrolling

WVU Chronicles This 94-year-old started his college career way back in the 40s and is finishing up some 70 years later.

It takes most graduates four years to complete their degrees. For some, it might take five or six. For Anthony Brutto, who studied off and on for 75 years, it’s taken a lifetime.

The 94-year-old Morgantown native will be one of the oldest graduates in the history of West Virginia Universitywhen he joins some 4,500 other students receiving diplomas during Commencement Weekend as he is awarded his Regents Bachelor of Arts degree fromUniversity College on May 17.

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What. A. Savage.

First off, I’m sorry I took that tweet from The View. It was the first one at the top with a good pic of Anthony and I really didn’t feel like scrolling all night. It is what it is. Just accept it, like it and move on.

Imagine starting college in the 1940s… and graduating in 2015. That’s amazing. Van Wilder did like 7 years. Yours truly did 6 years. Both of those extremely impressive, humorous and unique in their own right.

Anthony Brutto? 75 years, start to finish. Incredible.


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