Is this 9/11 tweet the dumbest tweet of all time?

Annnd here she is.


Look, I don’t get as upset about these types of things as your average Twitterer. Those people are intense. Like really intense. I just think people want to see pure horror and purely evil intentions in these types of blunders when all it really is is a terrible lapse in judgement.

At the very least, I just can’t understand how people don’t comprehend that they’ll get ripped to shreds for these types of things. Do they have zero emotional intelligence? Zero awareness?

Here’s the apology string. The tweets were of course deleted, which is always a weird move to me. Snapchats don’t even really disappear but you think tweets do? Anyway, we snagged the screenshots from the boys over at The Stool.

Begins in pretty normal apology fashion then spins off into some weird 9/11 truther-esque tweet then kinda comes back around.

Screenshot 2014-09-11 12.50.36

Screenshot 2014-09-11 12.50.29

Screenshot 2014-09-11 12.50.19


Then ends with an absolute dog shit excuse.

The dog shit excuse is always my least favorite part of these things. Makes me absolute infuriated. You didn’t create that promotional tweet because it was 1am and you have “yoga brain.” We’re not idiots. You’re on the right path with just admitting that it was a weird, distasteful attempt at some patriotic promotion. Boom. Leave it at that. That’s all it was.

You’re insulting us with this “1am yoga brain” crap. We’re not buying it!

So yeah, just be better people. Be smarter.

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